MRHS Counseling Center Mission Statement

    Promote emotional health, interpersonal skills, physical development, and academic success in a setting where culture sensitivity, transition issues, and family support are integral.

  • AP AP Exam dates

    The AP exam schedule for 2018-2019 school year is from May 6th to May 17th.




  • Absences and Homework

    •  Homework can only be requested from the Counseling Center if students are absent for three consecutive days. 
    • It takes 24 hours to process the homework request and collection, so please call prior to the third day of absence.
    • We STRONGLY recommend that all students find a buddy (and phone number) in each of their classes to contact for information about their common homework.
    • Also, contact their teachers.
  • Graduation Requirements 

    Total credits - 48

    16 Elective Credits 
    32 Required Credits          

               *  8 credits (4 years) English
               *  6 credits (3 years) Math
               *  6 credits (3 years) Science 
                           2 credits Biology
                           2 credits Earth Science/Geology
                           2 credits Physical Science/Chemistry

               *  7 credits (3 1/2 years) Social Studies
                           1 credit Soc Studies 9
                           1 credit Geography
                           2 credits World History 

                           2 credits American History
                           1 credit American Government

               * 2 credits P.E.
               * 1 credit Health
               * 2 credits Fine Arts or Foreign Language

                            * Students must pass a Competency Test

                   (beginning Class of 2021)

    College Guide 

  • Contact Information

    Sharon Smith - A-E Alphabet, AP Contact, 719-391-3628, smithsharon@wsd3.org

    Nicole Young - F-J Alphabet, Faculty Leader, 719-391-3627, youngn@wsd3.org

    Marta Schmuki - K-Q Alphabet, 719-391-3629, schmukim@wsd3.org

    Regina Shea - R-Z Alphabet, Child Abuse, 719-391-3630, shear@wsd3.org

    Stacie Tutton - Secretary, 719-391-3631, tuttons@wsd3.org

    Carl Burgess - College and Career, 719-391-3642, burgessc@wsd3.org

    Devon Burnore - Military and Family Life Counselor, 719-367-1409, burnorea@magellanhealth.org


  • Update Contact Information with our Registrar

    Call Ms. Zander at  719-391-3625 to update your contact information!



  • Selective Services

    It is the law that 18 year old males must register with the selective service.