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    Dear Visitors,

    Welcome to the Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) Preschool Website! We are excited about the programs we have to offer for children ages 3-5 within our sites in Widefield School District. Between our North Preschool and Webster Elementary sites, we house 16 WSD3 Preschool classrooms, and one CPCD classroom. Each program has different things to offer the children of the Widefield Community. We have many different activities throughout the year for parents and children to participate in with each other. If you are interested in registering for one of our programs visit the "Contact Us" page for more information. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and if you have any more questions, please contact us in person.


    WSD3 Preschool Staff

    Preschool Mission and Philosophy

    Our preschool mission is to provide children with a safe and nurturing learning environment that will provide opportunities that stimulate and encourage growth of the whole child.  This includes their development in the areas of cognition, communication, social skills, motor, self-help and pre-academics. Our philosophy is that children learn best through a balanced approach that includes play and direct instruction.  We believe that play is the work of children and that we can facilitate learning through active exploration and interaction with other children, adults and materials.  We also believe that by providing developmentally appropriate social and pre-academic instruction, we can foster a love of learning and build a strong foundation for their future educational experiences.

    Preschool Safety Rules

    • We Keep Ourselves Safe
    • We Keep Our Friends Safe
    • We Keep Our Things Safe

    Literacy Tips
    (The following tips were quoted directly from Creating a Culture of Reading: Family Support Materials, Increasing Student Achievement Through Literacy.
    You can find more tips at www.Reading Rockets.org)

    • Tips for Parents of Babies:
      Snuggle up with a book. When you hold your baby close and lookat a book together, your baby will enjoy snuggling and hearing your voice as well as the story. Feeling safe and secure with you while looking at a book builds your baby's confidence and love of reading.

    • Tips for Parents of Toddlers:
      Don't expect your toddler to sit still for a book. Toddlers need to Move, so don't worry if they act out stories or just skip, romp, or tumble as you read to them. They may be moving, but they are listening.

    • Tips for Teaching Your Child About Phonemes:
      Focus on one sound at a time. Certain sounds, such as /s/, /m/, /f/ are great sounds to start with. The sound is distinct, and be exaggerated easily. "Please pass the mmmmmmmmilk." "Look! There's a ssssssssnake!" "You have ffffffffive markers on the table." It's also easy to describe how to make the sound with your mouth. "Close your mouth and lips to make the sound. Now put your hand on your throat. Do you feel the vibration? Once your child learns a few phonemes, it will be easier to keep talking about letters and sounds.