• Spartan Summer Football Program

    • The football team will meet every Wednesday starting the first week of June.
    • Please check Facebook “Sproul Spartan Football” for updates.
    • Football calendar for summer will be posted on school website.





    CHSAA Rules

    • Must have 5 full practices before contact:
      • 1st, 2nd, 3rd days no contact, helmets only
      • 4th day no contact, add shoulder pads and pants
      • 5th day full uniforms, hit dummies and sleds
      • 6th day full contact


    • Exceptions
      • 7th Gd. - 7 minute qtrs, 8th Gd. – 8-minute qtrs. Half time = 8 min. (5 min. talk, 3 min. warm-up).
      • If one team is ahead by 35 points or more in 2nd half, resort to running clock. Stop clock only for time-outs, injuries, & points after touchdown (not for penalties). Once running clock is started, it will remain running clock for remainder of game, regardless of score.
      • No tie breakers or overtime, no games made up for weather or other cancellations.
    • Adults must be on down markers, students O.K. on chains.
    • Keep players’ boxes clear of fans & parents, with a physical boundary to keep parents away from playing
    • Schools use a TDY size football.
    • Pass or run extra points will be two points.
    • A kicked point after will be one point.
    • All helmets must have a four-point chin-strap
    • No field goals will be allowed
    • White and clear mouth guards are prohibited



    Ryan Langan- 8th Grade Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator langanryan@wsd3.org

    Ernie De Rubis- 8th Grade Defensive Coordinator derubisj@wsd3.org

    Tim Krablean-7th Grade Head Coach /Defensive Coordinator krableant@wsd3.org

    Daniel Christensen-7th Grade Offensive Coordinator christensend@wsd3.org

    Josh Tutje - 7th Grade Coach tutjej@wsd3.org