CHSAA Rules

    1. Must have 5 full practices before contact:

       a) 1st, 2nd, 3rd days no contact, helmets only

       b) 4th day no contact, add shoulder pads and pants

       c) 5th day full uniforms, hit dummies and sleds

       d) 6th day full contact


    1. Exceptions

      a) 7th Gd. - 7 minute qtrs, 8th Gd. – 8-minute qtrs. Half time = 8 min. (5 min. talk, 3 min. warm-up).

      b) If one team is ahead by 35 points or more in 2nd half, resort to running clock. Stop clock only for time-outs, injuries, & points after touchdown (not for penalties). Once running clock is started, it will remain running clock for remainder of game, regardless of score.

      c) No tie breakers or overtime, no games made up for weather or other cancellations.

    2. Adults must be on down markers, students O.K. on chains.

    3. Keep players’ boxes clear of fans & parents, with a physical boundary to keep parents away from playing

    4. Schools use a TDY size football.

    5. Pass or run extra points will be two points.

    6. A kicked point after will be one point.

    8. All helmets must have a four-point chin-strap

    7. No field goals will be allowed

    9. White and clear mouth guards are prohibited




    Ryan Langan- 8th Grade Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator langanryan@wsd3.org

    Ernie De Rubis- 8th Grade Defensive Coordinator derubisj@wsd3.org

    Tim Krablean-7th Grade Head Coach /Defensive Coordinator krableant@wsd3.org

    Daniel Christensen-7th Grade Offensive Coordinator christensend@wsd3.org

    Josh Tutje - 7th Grade Coach tutjej@wsd3.org