• 2015 Tournament Champs!

    Tournament Champs
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    Softball tryouts begins Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 2:45pm. Tryouts and practice will be held at Pinello Elementary. Athletes will be expected to run as a team from Sproul to Pinello and then back to Sproul when practice is over. Practices are closed to parents, siblings, and non-participating students.

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  • Softball Rules of Play

    1. No on-field warm-up before games.

    2. Seven innings.

    3. Ten run rule after 5 innings.

    4. One hour time limit.

    5. Three ball, two strike count.

    6. Min. 6 ft. arc from release of pitch.

    7. Ten or 11 players bat; only 10 players on defense.

    8. High School re-entry rule; starters may leave game, then re-enter; when re-entering, players must stay in same spot in batting order.

    9. Catcher must wear mask.

    10. Rubber cleats only.

    11. Helmets must be worn by batter, runners, & student coaches .

    12. Slide directly at base.

    13. Pitch will begin with the pivot foot in contact with the pitching rubber.

    14. Distance from pitching rubber to home plate 40’.

    15. Distance between bases 60’.

    16. Ball size 11”.

    - If a runner misses a base, he/she shall be declared out after the ball becomes dead; there is no appeal play.

    - Infield Fly Rule:

         - Fewer than two outs.

         - 1st & 2nd and/or 3rd bases occupied.

         - Pop fly in the infield that could be caught with reasonable effort – pop fly must be fair.

         - Batter is automatically out, runners advance at their own risk.

    - Tie-Breaker – if the game is tied after 7 innings or after the 1 hour time limit, each subsequent inning will begin with a runner on second base. That runner will be the player who batted last in the preceding inning.

  • Coaches: 

    Tricie Neifert, neifertt@wsd3.org

    Kristie Martinez, martinezk@wsd3.org