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    Teamwork, communication, and coachability are the heart of any athlete, no matter which sport she plays. In basketball, this is especially true. One all-star can never beat a solid team effort, and we value growth over all else! We look forward to seeing you improve over the season and congratulate you on taking a worthwhile and positive risk! Jags rise to a challenge, and we're excited to bring our love of basketball, competition, and collaboration to you. See ya on the court!
    Contact Information
    A Team Coach:  Dan Murphy   murphyd@wsd3.org
    B Team  Coach:  Kerri Roberds   roberdsk@wsd3.org 

    Janitell Girls’ Basketball Schedule

                                                    TRY-OUT SCHEDULE

    Parents/Players: With WSD3 joining a new athletic conference, we knew that some scheduling conflicts would occur.  The conflict will occur during our try-outs because of previously scheduled activities and Boys’ Basketball Playoffs.  Below is the new schedule for try-outs for the 2018-2019 Basketball Season.




    Thursday December 6 (12/6)

    3 pm - 5 pm

    Friday December 7 (12/7)


    3 pm - 5 pm


    Monday December 10 (12/10)

    3pm - 4pm we will watch the Boys Playoff game (All players must be present)

    4 pm - 5 pm will be practice

    5pm - 5:30 pm we will make cuts

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    Janitell Girls’ Basketball Schedule

    Schedule is located on the Athletic Homepage
           * The b Team game will be played first, then the A Team