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    When everyone is a learner, there is no end to success 
    Welcome to the Janitell Learning Center! Our mission is to provide resources that promote collaboration and critical thinking in order to push learners of all ages to excel in academics, interests, and self-reflection. We believe anything is possible with the right approach, and that the right approach can only be found through effective collaboration. Working together, there is nothing we can not accomplish.
  • JJHS Battle of the Books (JBOB)
    Stories draw us in because they both help us escape from and understand our own lives. Don't miss out on this year's adventures and opportunities to make new frieds. Students will compete against each other and teachers for the second-ever JBOB championship! 8th grade took the title in 2017-2018; will they keep it?
    CompetitionTBA (mid April)
    Lunch Meetings:
    • 6th grade starts 8/29 and meets every Weds in 134 (Mrs. Hogan's room)
    • 7th/8th grade starts 8/29 and meets every Weds in 101 (Mrs. Park's room)
    • 25 meetings required to compete
    • 5 faces per grade level at each meeting to continue second semester

    Book Titles:

    • Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry
    • Holes by Louis Sachar
    • Uglies by Scott Westerfield
    • Arlo Finch and the Valley of Fire by John August
    • No Crystal Stair by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
  • Contests: December (Due 12/20/18)

    BE SURE: Name, grade, and date are on ALL entries

    Writing: Letter to Santa

    • Write a letter to Santa AS YOUR PARENTS OR A TEACHER
    • Max 150 words
    • Include the name of the parent or teacher at the end of the letter, AND write your actual name and grade on the back
    • Winners chosen by staff based on quality and entertainment value


    • Create original art to show the theme: I am strong because I am ____________
    • Be sure the message is clear and shown in the artwork - include the phrase above with the word that would finish it w/the graphics
    • Be sure your name, grade, and date appear on back or in email
    • Format options: writing, drawing, painting, video (mp4), music (mp4)
    • Winners chosen by staff: 1st place ($10), 2nd place ($5), 3rd place (5 Jag bucks)

    Special Occasion: Holiday Hooplah

    • Create a 3-D craft related to the holidays (showcase one culture or show multicultural celebrations)
    • Staff and students may both participate and will vote on 1st ($5, water bottle), 2nd (5 Jag bucks, water bottle), 3rd (prize box)

    Social Challenge: Generous Attention

    • Pay special attention to everyone you engage with for 10 days: make eye contact, smile, lean in to listen, open doors, let someone go in front of you, give sincere compliments, ask follow-up questions
    • Turn in your record and reflection (detach form below)
    • Winner = $5 random drawing from forms turned in by deadline



    Generous Attention Challenge

    My name:

    My grade:

    Reflect: RACE please


    What I did


    What I did

    The most important thing I noticed from being generous was. . .

    Day 1


    Day 6


    Day 2


    Day 7


    Day 3


    Day 8


    Day 4


    Day 9


    Day 5


    Day 10


    We Want Your Videos!
    What inspires you to do what you do best? Have you made or seen a video that would inspire others to be positively passionate? Send videos or links to lovatod@wsd3.org for a chance to share it here.  We'll start the year with a classic YouTube hero, Kid President.
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    Click on the names below to access catalogues from different libraries
    Use this to see resources in our school's library, including audio and e-books, ipods, nooks, and (of course) books. Remember: only put a hold on books that say "Ask", after you login. If it says "Out" please check again after the listed return date. 
    You can even do research through Destiny, and all of the resources are guaranteed to be reliable! See resources below for more.
    OVERDRIVE - WSD3s ebook and audiobook collection; use this link to read or listen on your own devices!
    SAFARI MONTAGE - WSD3s collection of online movies, documents, and media 
    Use this to see resources available at our local community center. 
    Use this to see resources city-wide. 
    Use this resource to find reliable research articles and academic sources
    Username: janitell   PW: jaguars 
    We are happy to assist with ordering and picking up books from non-Janitell locations. Please contact us for help in placing books on hold if needed. 
    Click HERE to access surveys and information for goals and career readiness in Naviance
    Click for PEARSON Math assignments, book, and help

    Online Games for Learning

    Click here to access links to games for math, literacy, and typing skills
    Links for Classes
    Click here for info on finding reliable and real research (Teen Leadership)


  • Usernames and Passwords 
    Google: Email, Drive (docs, slides, sheets, apps, etc)
    Your student account gives you access to email, drive, and school-appropriate apps that can make your life as a student turn into the life of a learner. You can share assignments with other students, parents, and teachers, as well as collaborate in real-time. The research tool also makes it easier to find good sources, prove you used them, and cite where they came from. Login information is below
    Username format: lastnamefirstthreelettersfirstnamedayborn@wsd3.org        PW format:     CAPITALINITIALS4digit#lowerinitials 
    Example Student:   Stephen Hernandez, born October 3rd, 2003                                              Given random 4 digit # of 3751 
    Username Example: hernandezste3@wsd3.org                                                PW Example: SH3751sh 
    Infinite Campus (IC)
    Username: student number (lunch number)
    Password: initials6-digitbirthday (Example: sh030303)
    NOTE: IC is the ONLY system to use the above format. Almost ALL other systems use the PW format listed above for Google