• Mr. Matt King

    Director of Bands

    Performing Arts Faculty Leader





    You can use this site for information about the program, contacting the director, calendar information, and you can also access our Charms Office page. Please contact Mr. Colgrove if you see any issues with the website.

    Please visit the Charms Website for more information!
    On the right side of this page is a link to the Charms Music Office website. I will be using this website for the majority of my communication with parents and students. The calendar, forms, and many more options for communication are updated on that site. Please refer to it for most of your questions. 

    Once you are at the Charms website, under ENTER, you can select; Parent/Student/Member. Our school code is: WidefieldBand, and that should give you access to the public calendar, and some basic forms for downloading. To enter the student specific area, you need to type in your students school ID#. Once you have access, you may change the password, and if you forget what the password is, contact the director so I can reset the password. 

    Once on the student's specific site, you can access a more detailed calendar for your student, update personal information including contact information, and find more forms that have been handed out to the students. This site is meant to be a communication tool for the parents, students, and directors. Let Mr. Colgrove know if you have any questions or concerns.