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Common Q&A for Students and Families

  • How do I report an absence?

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    Reporting an Absence or Tardy: Please contact the front office at 719-391-3256, before 10 a.m., to report your student's absence or tardiness. If we have not heard from a parent or guardian regarding an absence, attendance calls will be made beginning at 10:00 a.m.


    Attendance Reminders:

    • If we do not hear from you regarding your student's absence or tardiness he/she will be marked unexcused.
    • If no notice is given within two weeks of the absence, the absence will be unexcused and the student may receive consequences per the Watson Discipline Guidelines. 
    • If your student was absent due to an appointment, we highly recommend you bring a copy of the doctor's note so we can document that on your student's attendance record.

    Please click here for more information about attendance

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  • I don't know my passwords for anything. Where can I find them?

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    All passwords can be found in your student and parent Infinite Campus portal. 

     Directions for logging into IC:

    • username: student ID number
    • password: student's lowercase initials followed by two digit month, two digit day, two digit year. For example: John Smith born January 3rd, 2002 would be js010302
    • **If the password doesn't work try a four digit year instead of a two digit year.

    Click here for more login help

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  • Can I bring my cell phone to school with me?

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    Although we understand that cell phones are useful tools for parent/student communication, we must maintain an academic environment within the building. It is our strong recommendation that students keep their cell phones in their lockers during the school day. Cell phones should not be heard or seen in the building during the school day. Students using cell phones are only permitted to use them before and after school while they are outside of the building.

    Cell phones that are seen or heard within the building during the academic day will be confiscated and appropriate consequences will apply. Students causing a disruption within the classroom with a cell phone will be given consequences applicable to a disruptive student. Cell phones should not be used during concerts or drama productions unless being used outside of the building. Watson shall not be responsible for loss, theft or destruction of electronic communication devices brought onto school property.

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  • Can I use the Internet at school?

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    Widefield School District offers access to school computers in order to enrich student learning. Watson has 1 PC mobile computer lab, 9 mobile Google Chrome carts, and 3 CTE/STEAM/PLTW carts. Students must login to computer with their WSD3 Google username and passwords in order to use computers. 

    To use the computers, students must adhere to the following Acceptable Use Policy:

    The Internet has links to material which may not be considered appropriate for reading or viewing in a school setting. When using Watson’s computers, students must avoid these areas. They must also agree not to vandalize any computer system or software. Students must understand that the software they use while on the Internet tracks all “surfing” conducted on these computers. Students must also understand that computer access privileges may be revoked, and school disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action may be taken if they do not use the Internet in a responsible manner. Students must stay on task and topic, which will avoid wasting valuable on-line time.

    Please visit this link for additional technology questions: Google Apps and Technology

    The Widefield School District desires for your student to have an information rich education. We believe this requires all students to have access to the Internet at school. Our board policy regarding the Internet has changed to reflect this philosophy. Under the new Board Policy JS-Student Use of Internet Electronic Communication, we no longer require parent permission before we will let your student access the Internet at school on a school owned device.  Instead, we expect that students will use the Internet unless you as the parent/guardian explicitly and annually submit the Annual Internet Opt-Out Form (See Board Policy JS-E) and return it to your student’s school.

     Use the resources below to help keep our students safe while online.

    Internet Safety Documents  and Age/Grade appropriate topics regarding Internet safety and digital citizenship.

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  • When and where can I drop my child off in the morning, and also pick up at the end of the day?

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    Before school, 6th grade students should report the large field on the west side of the building (near the softball field). 7th & 8th grade students should report to the courtyard  on the east side of the building. You may use the front pull-through driveway for drop-off but do not park your car. This is a drop-off zone only.

    Students are required to go to their specified entry doors for admittance at 7:18 a.m. 

    Exceptions: Late arrivals-go to the office through the front doors

    Note: Students should not arrive at Watson any earlier than 7:00 a.m.

    When students are dismissed at the end of the day, they are allowed to exit through the appropriate door depending on their pickup arrangements. EXITING THROUGH THE FRONT DOORS AT DISMISSAL IS NOT PERMITTED FOR SAFETY REASONS.

    Students who walk home MAY NOT leave school grounds by way of the west parking lot. Students going to the west of Watson and staying on the Watson side of Fontaine must exit through the Northwest gate, and students who cross Fontaine MUST USE THE STOPLIGHT AT DARTMOUTH.

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  • How can I get a student ID?

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    Please attend the Back to School Event to obtain your student ID for the school year. If you are unable to attend, please visit the Library on Fridays to get your ID.
    New students also need to come to the Library on Fridays to get their student ID.
    Every student will receive a student ID; if the ID is lost or destroyed, the student can obtain a new student ID through the Library on Fridays for $3.

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  • How can I get involved in sports at Watson?

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    Watson Junior High offers interscholastic competition to 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls and boys. Girls are eligible to participate in softball, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, and track. Boys are eligible to compete in basketball, football, wrestling, and track. Cheerleading is open to both boys and girls.

    Widefield School District 3 is partnering with four other districts to create the South Metro League! The districts joining us will be Harrison District 2, Fountain District 8, Cheyenne District 12, and Falcon District 49. With this new league comes changes. 

    • We will now have an A and B team for all sports except football. Football will remain 7th and 8th grade only.
    • All students, including 6th graders, have the opportunity to try out (except in football). This means 6th graders must have physicals to play sports.
    • Cross Country will now be an interscholastic sport instead of an intramural.
    • Softball will now be fast-pitch.
    • We will no longer charge for indoor events except wrestling tournaments.
    • The order of sports seasons has also changed:
      • August - Beginning of October = Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country
      • October - December = Boys' Basketball
      • December - February = Girls' Basketball
      • February - March = Wrestling
      • March - May = Softball and Track
    • We will still have an Intramural Program for 6th grade only.

     Click here for more information about the Watson Athletics program

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  • How can I meet with my child's teacher?

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    Teacher conferences are set up through the counseling center. Parents or guardians may request a conference from the counseling center at any time. The purpose of these conferences is generally to review their child’s academic progress and behavior. If a parent or guardian feels that a conference will be necessary or beneficial, they should contact the counseling center to schedule an appointment before or after school. Please call 391-3278.

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  • What is the grading system?

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    Our school year is set up on quarters for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Report cards are issued four (4) times per year (every nine weeks). In an attempt to keep our students and parents informed, Watson issues mid-term/progress reports during the fourth week of each quarter.

    Watson uses a standard grading system for scholastic performance. The following grading marks are used:

    A - Superior work
    B - Above Average work
    C - Average work
    D - Below Average work
    F - Failing work
    I - Incomplete work
    NM – No mark
    Certain work must be made up one week after the end of the grading period, or the incomplete grade will become a grade of F.

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  • Can I go to the Library?

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    Watson's library always has fun activities going on. Stop by often to check out what we have!

    The library is open from 7:19-3:00 every day. Students can come into the during lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays, anytime during the day with a teacher pass, or stay after school to finish projects and to check out books. Students can have up to two books checked out for two weeks. If students have overdue materials, they cannot check out additional books until overdue books are returned. Students should present their ID card to be scanned to check out books. However, a student may still check out books even if they do not have an ID card.

    Watson’s library contains a variety of books to meet the interests and needs of all of our students. Not every book is for every student. During library orientation, the librarian will present information concerning the books in the library and encourage students to make good choices. Young Adult books are clearly labeled in our library with YA stickers. YA (Young Adult) books are like PG-13 movies and only our 8th graders can check out those titles. We recommend these books for our 8th graders. They could include mature language, mature themes, and/or may contain situations that could be thought of as violent. Students need to make good choices when they check out books.

    Please click here to view our Watson Library page

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  • Student Login Information for District Applications

    Access all student links through the Clever app by clicking here

    Login to Clever with your District Google Account 

    District Google Login  

    • Username:
    • Password: student’s capital initials, a random 4 digit number, lowercase initials
    Example: Laura Smith, Birthdate: January 13, 2001 
                   Given 4 digit # (provided in IC) 2154 
                   Password: LS2154ls 
    Infinite Campus Login  
    • Username: student ID number 
    • Password: students' initials, six digit date of birth 
    • ***If six digit date of birth does not work, please try your eight digit date of birth***

    Example: Laura Smith, Birthdate: January 13, 2001, ID Number 12345678 

    Username: 12345678
    Password: ls011301 

    Check your grades on the Infinite Campus App on your phone or tablet device: district code (JGDLWJ). 
        IC Link