• Reading certain books can affect us in different ways. You don't have to deal with this alone. Mesa Ridge is committed to your safety and well-being. There are many resources available to help. Please see the poster attached below in the handout section for more information.

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  • Ramses II Essay Due: 9/28--10/01

    Students need to turn in both Rough Drafts, both Peer Sheets, and an MLA-typed Final Draft.

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  • Prometheus Unit Due 9/5-6/2018:

    Students need to turn in both Prometheus Packets, Both Rough Drafts, both peer sheets, and a typed final draft.

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  • Pre-Test/Writing Sample Due: 8/17-20/2018:

    Students need to turn in their Pre-Test and Writing Sample.

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  • Course Description

    This required course will incorporate five basic skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Emphasis, however, is placed on reading with understanding, writing with clarity and correctness of mechanics. A variety of materials are used to accommodate students’ ability levels. Students may be required to revise their papers until work is acceptable.

    Course Objectives

    The Mesa Ridge High School English Department is determined to meet two goals:

    Graduation Goal—

    1. All tenth graders will earn all of their credits to a satisfactory level (A, B, or C).

    Achievement Goals—

    1. Using the AP Language and Literature Standards students will improve targeted reading and writing skills at least two years in one year’s time.
    2. Students will be able to apply research techniques and their understanding of the readings to the development of their writing as demonstrated on their quarterly assessments.

    Classroom Expectations (the Non-Negotiables)

    I believe each of you is a competent young person who is aware of and able to conduct your own behavior in an adult-like manner; however, for the sake of clarity:

    1. Be respectful of yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and your surroundings. Treat others as you want to be treated and remember that this is our classroom community.
    2. Be on-time for class. Your late arrival is distracting and costs you and the class educational opportunities.
    3. Be prepared. Not having your book, your supplies, or your work completed wastes time and opportunity.
    4. Be your best! Work hard, create quality work, and help those around you be successful; you will be amazed how far this will take you!
    5. Be considerate. Turn off electronics and put away all food, drinks (except water), and/or lotions/sprays.

    Missing and Late Work

    Work needs to be turned in on its due date however you may turn in ANY assignment late without penalty. You will receive a zero until the assignment is turned in at an acceptable level. I do not accept incomplete assignments late, so, should you take the extra time then I expect the work to be 100% complete. I also grade all late work in the order I received it and after all of my on-time work (this is for all of my classes). 

    It is your responsibility to find out what you’ve missed, not mine. If you are absent I expect you to check the website, see me during Advisory, or before/after school. NEVER during class time—I will not stop class and inhibit your peers because you missed a day.

    Redone Work

    You may redo ANY assignment for more credit. If you be displeased with a grade then you can redo that assignment for a better one. You need tell me that you are redoing it and when you turn in the work you must also turn in the original graded assignment. I will only enter the highest score into the grade book. [See above section, Missing and Late Work, for more information on acceptable level and grading time frame.]


    Movies and movie clips may be shown that go along with the topic being covered. Some movies are PG, but some may be PG13. Movies are shown as a visual for the students and assignments are given prior to the movie/movie clip and following the movie/movie clip. We use movies/movie clips to allow the students a greater understanding of the topic or theme. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Galaydick by e-mail or during office hours.