• Office of Special Education

  • Professional Resources

    WSD3 provides a variety of professional resources for children and their families through the Office of Special Education. Our mission is to ensure the best possible free, appropriate public education for children with disabilities.

    Members of our professional staff include:

    Occupational and Physical Therapists
    Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
    Social Workers
    Teachers for Vision and Hearing
    Speech-Language Pathologists
    Developmental and Behavioral Specialists
    Special Education Teachers

    Services are provided in accordance with state and federal law (IDEA) governing the education of children with disabilities. Before any child is eligible to receive services, concerns about the child's educational progress must first be reviewed at a referral conference, and a referral must be made for an evaluation. Each child must receive a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation by special services staff and by specialists and teachers in their home school.

    Additionally, their educational needs must be determined, and they must be declared to possess a disability under rules for the administration of IDEA. An "Individual Educational Plan" (IEP) must be written in a due process meeting (called a "staffing") which includes parents, school administrators, specialists and also the child (when the child is fourteen years old or older). Professionals from the Office of Special Education participate in the evaluation and staffing process in addition to becoming involved in follow-up services for many children.

    Last Updated: 9/19/13