Ms. Kailee Timms

Phone: 719-391-3304


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kailee Timms

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for checking out my Google page!  

This page is still under construction, so please be patient with me!


I grew up in Colorado and I am a product of Widefield school district 3! I believe in our schools and I hope to make a differece in the lives of your children.

I LOVE music and all that it has to offer.  I believe that music comes from the heart and can be therapeutic to us all.  I hope to unlock a love for music and the arts in every child I come in contact with.  I want to be a role model and an advocate for your child(ren) in their jr.high music careers. I hope they learn to love their voice, accept the changes it makes, and grow with it every step of the way.  


Thanks for stopping by, I'll be posting more information later!