• The CEBT Health & Wellness Center is located in the south end of the SA Wilson building.

    The center is available to all of those covered by district insurance plans.

    M W F: 7am-4pm
    T Th: 9am-6pm

    930 Leta Dr
    Colorado Springs, CO 80911

    Call 719-551-5808
    or online https://www.marathon-health.com/myphr/


    Jeanne Sterrick-Rydell - Nurse Practitioner (NP-C)Sterrick-Rydell
    Jeanne joins Marathon Health as a Physician Assistant. Jeanne is a nationally certified family nurse practitioner and has over 20 years registered nurse experience with a specialty in critical care. Jeanne is also board certified in Advanced Diabetes Management. 
    Jeanne describes her approach to healthcare: "I am passionate about supporting and motivating patients to enhance wellness through exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction. I believe that patients know intuitively what is best for their bodies and minds, but often need support and coaching to tap into these resources. I provide the guidance and ongoing support to help patients move toward optimal health."