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Coding In Action Volunteers Needed

Be a part of the Coding In Action Competition this year! WSD3 is hosting the competition and volunteers are needed. You don't need to know anything about computer science/coding to volunteer, we just want you to be a part of this amazing event.

Sign up to volunteer!

For more information contact Kelley Stone at stonek@wsd3.org or 719-391-3040.

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School Board Appreciation Month

Thank you WSD3 Board of Education

January is School Board Appreciation Month! We want to thank our five-member school board for volunteering countless hours to help make a positive learning environment for our staff and students. Thank you Charron Schoenberger, president; Susan Graham, vice president; Theresa Watson, treasurer; Neil Nelson, member; and Carlos Gonzalez, member; for leading our district. 

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MRHS Senior Nic Walker
  • Widefield of Dreams

Nicholas Walker, senior at Mesa Ridge High School, is flying high into the New Year after recently earning his Eagle Scout. Nic has been part of Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for six years. Recently, Nic earned the highest rank in the BSA as an Eagle Scout. To receive this rank, there is a long formal application process and the Eagle Scout Service Project must be completed. For his project, Nic gave back to the community and helped build seven trash cans for St. Mary’s High School, a private school here in Colorado Springs. Nic said he had a lot of help from other scouts and his family in putting the project together and is excited to have earned his rank. Nic’s dream is to continue to work hard and be a good citizen to the community. 

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Boundary waivers due by February 28, 2020

Widefield School District 3 has many schools that offer a variety of unique programs and educational opportunities for students. If you would like your child to attend one of our schools that is not your neighborhood school, you may submit a Boundary Waiver to the school of your choice. 

The open enrollment period ends on February 28, 2020. Boundary waiver forms are available at each school building, central registration, and online. Please turn in your boundary waiver to the front office of the school you wish to attend by Feb. 28, 2020.

If you are currently on a boundary waiver for the 2019-2020 school year, you will need to submit a new boundary waiver for 2020-2021 school year. 

Welding stations at the MiLL
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Welding program added at the MiLL

A new program is taking place at the MiLL (Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab) located in Widefield School District 3. In addition to the manufacturing and construction programs, students can now take welding classes. Students are currently taking Metals 1 at Mesa Ridge and Widefield high schools. Those students will now be able to take their skills to the next level with Metals 2 and Metals 3 at the MiLL. This semester, students in the Metals 2 class will improve their techniques in oxy-acetylene torch welding (OAW), computer-guided plasma arc cutting, electric arc/stick welding and wire feed welding. Students who go through the welding program will also learn elements of creating hand-drawn plans, writing up a bill-of-materials, and calculating completion costs. Our goal is to be able to offer Certified Welder industry certifications through the American Welding Society to help students get a job after high school. We recognize the importance of welding careers and hope we can fill gaps in areas such as assemblers, fabricators, machinists, sheet metal, plumbers, pipe fitters, and HVAC. The area of the MiLL dedicated to welding has been equipped with 16 brand new welding stations, welding helmets, gloves, downdraft tables, and curtains. An updraft ventilation system has also been installed.