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Join us on May 7, 2021

We offer FREE full-day kindergarten!

All our elementary schools will be hosting Kindergarten Round-Up on Friday, May 7, 2021.

More details will be added as we get closer to May 7. Please contact your school of choice or visit the school's website for more information. 


Widefield's Nailed It Episode 1

Students compete in random challenges each episode

Welcome to Widefield's Nailed It! series! In each episode, three students will compete in a challenge. The students will not know what the challenge is until it is time to compete.

Widefield's Nailed It! is put together by a group of dedicated staff members and a high school production team from both Widefield High School and Mesa Ridge High School.This team is learning about all aspects of producing a show by participating in one of four subcommittees: Film Editing, Artistic Design, Marketing, and Script Writing. Although we can't tell you the themes and challenges for each episode, we can tell you that we have six episodes with guest judges ranging from community members, staff, and one special guest judge who is nationally known.

Watch the First Episode of Widefield's Nailed It!


Widefield of Dreams student Maryam Mohammad
  • Widefield of Dreams

Meet Maryam Mohammad

Maryam Mohammad is a sixth grader at Watson Junior High. She's been described as being kind for her age. Her kindness is expressed through giving. Maryam who loves to draw and water paint creates works of art with words of encouragement and gives them out, along with food, to homeless in the community. She lives by the words her parents have shared with her since she was little, "always help others, and put others before yourself." Maryam's dream is to go to college and become a computer programmer. She loves math and problem solving, and knows technology is going to continue to grow in our world. She also wants to continue her volunteer efforts helping the homeless and giving back. 

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Secondary students back week of March 29

February 23, 2021


Dear WSD3 Families, 

It has been our goal this school year to get all students back in-person at school as it is the most effective learning model for students. We’ve successfully kept our elementary students in-person since fall, and now due to increasing vaccine availability, low transmission rates, and our ongoing safety practices within the district, we will bring secondary students back in-person after spring break.  


Beginning the week of March 29, we will bring back junior high and high school students in-person four days a week. Students will learn from home on Mondays, and attend in-person Tuesday through Friday. 

Only the Online Cohort (sometimes referred to as Cohort C) will be allowed to continue with distance learning at home. Students in Cohort A or Cohort B will not have the option to switch from in-person to distance learning. Students in Cohort A and Cohort B will be required to attend in-person instruction at school. 

For those who have students in the Online Cohort and are interested in having your student return to in-person learning, please contact your student’s school directly. Secondary schools will be communicating schedules and additional information out to students and parents in the next couple weeks. 


While we want you to enjoy spring break with family, we hope you will make safe choices that allow your students to return to school. Our goal is to get students back in the classroom and keep them in the classroom. 

We ask that you keep your student home if:

  • Your student has developed COVID-19 like symptoms OR

  • Your student has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 OR

  • A family member in your household has developed COVID-19 like symptoms (such as fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing) AND has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19


As a reminder, if the district closes due to inclement weather we will transition into e-learning or a “learn from home” day using our distance learning model. Students will be required to follow their classroom instructions for learning at home. 

We will use the term “e-learning” on Flash Alert which posts closure/delay messages on the bottom scroll of local TV news stations. 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Scott Campbell

23 de Febrero de 2021

Estimadas familias de WSD3:

Nuestro objetivo este año escolar ha sido lograr que todos los estudiantes vuelvan en persona a la escuela, ya que es el modelo de aprendizaje más eficaz para los estudiantes. Hemos mantenido con éxito a nuestros estudiantes de primaria en persona desde el otoño, y ahora debido a la creciente disponibilidad de vacunas, las bajas tasas de transmisión y nuestras prácticas de seguridad continuas dentro del distrito, traeremos a los estudiantes de secundaria en persona después de las vacaciones de primavera.


A partir de la semana del 29 de marzo, traeremos de regreso a los estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria en persona cuatro días a la semana. Los estudiantes aprenderán desde casa los lunes y asistirán en persona de martes a viernes.

Solo la Cohorte en línea (a veces denominada Cohorte C) podrá continuar con el aprendizaje a distancia en casa. Los estudiantes de la Cohorte A o la Cohorte B no tendrán la opción de cambiar de aprendizaje presencial a aprendizaje a distancia. Los estudiantes de la Cohorte A y la Cohorte B deberán asistir a clases en persona en la escuela.

Para aquellos que tienen estudiantes en la Cohorte en línea y están interesados ​​en que su estudiante regrese al aprendizaje en persona, comuníquese directamente con la escuela de su estudiante. Las escuelas secundarias comunicarán horarios e información adicional a los estudiantes y padres en las próximas dos semanas.


Si bien queremos que disfrute de las vacaciones de primavera con la familia, esperamos que tome decisiones seguras que permitan a sus estudiantes regresar a la escuela. Nuestro objetivo es hacer que los estudiantes regresen al aula y mantenerlos en el aula.

Le pedimos que mantenga a su estudiante en casa si:

  • Su estudiante ha desarrollado síntomas similares a COVID-19 O
  • Su estudiante ha entrado en contacto con alguien que dio positivo por COVID-19 O
  • Un miembro de la familia en su hogar ha desarrollado síntomas similares al COVID-19 (como fiebre o escalofríos, tos, falta de aire o dificultad para respirar) Y ha estado en contacto cercano con alguien que tiene COVID-19


Como recordatorio, si el distrito cierra debido a las inclemencias del tiempo, haremos la transición al aprendizaje electrónico o un día de "aprender desde casa" utilizando nuestro modelo de aprendizaje a distancia. Se requerirá que los estudiantes sigan las instrucciones de su salón de clases para aprender en casa.

Usaremos el término "e-learning" en Flash Alert, que publica mensajes de cierre / retraso en el pergamino inferior de las estaciones de noticias de televisión locales.

Gracias por su continuo apoyo.


Scott Campbell

Map of Lorson Ranch showing area of boundary change for the 2021-2022 school year

Boundary changes in eastern part of school district for the 2021-2022 school year

The area around Grand Mountain School is growing, and growing fast. When the district opened the PK-8 school in 2019, it anticipated having room to grow for another five years. The planning process is based on historical growth. The development in Lorson Ranch has far surpassed historical growth. The speed at which homes are being built in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood is shortening the district timeline and creating a need for immediate change to school boundaries. 

To prevent overcrowding, the district will be redrawing boundary lines in the eastern part of the district. Those living south of Lorson Boulevard and in the Peaceful Valley subdivision will be affected. Current families have been notified of the changes. 

Based on the addresses in the red zone below, the new home school will change to Webster Elementary for K-5 and Janitell Junior High for 6-8 beginning next school year, 2021-2022. Transportation will be provided to both schools. 

Map of Lorson Ranch showing area of boundary change for the 2021-2022 school year

Families who would like to stay at Grand Mountain School for the 2021-2022 school year have the option to submit a boundary waiver for principal approval, however, they will need to provide their own transportation. 

Boundary waivers can be found at your child’s school or download here.