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Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID’s mission is prepare students for college readiness and success in a global society. Learn more about AVID in our schools from students and staff by clicking the links below for each school. Widefield School District 3 currently has Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID) at Venetucci Elementary, Webster Elementary, Watson Junior High and Mesa Ridge High School. WSD3 is committed to preparing our students well after graduation through our academic programs. 
Widefield School District 3: To Learn, Grow, Achieve: Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day


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Venetucci Elementary

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Webster Elementary


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Watson Junior High

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Mesa Ridge High School


  • Peer Tutoring: Students work together to master new content through inquiry-based tutoring. They learn how to ask questions that go beyond memorization and encourage higher-level thinking. Peers ask each other questions that prompt deeper learning, and students know how to articulate their points of confusion.
  • Focused Note-taking: Students utilize the focused note-taking process to create powerful study tools. They are not just copying down words. Students learn to recognize the most important parts of a lesson, create questions to guide their studying, and revisit and refine their notes to solidify learning.
  • Collaboration: Students demonstrate a strong sense of mutual respect and support, engaging in rigorous discourse and building on each other’s thoughts. Collaborative activities are structured and graded to promote participation from each student.
  • Embedded Soft Skills: Students learn soft skills like public speaking, self-advocacy, time management, organization, and more. Students hone their soft skills in an authentic way through a variety of AVID activities.
  • Classroom Set-up: Classroom arrangement promotes and encourages students to communicate and to work more effectively together.
  • Teacher Facilitates Learning: AVID teachers design classroom activities that allow students to take ownership of the content. The teacher creates opportunities for students to investigate, talk, explore, and come to their own understanding.
  • Career and College-Readiness Environment: College banners, posters, and pennants reinforce a college-going culture on campus. AVID classrooms have an atmosphere of high expectations.
  • Inquiry-Based Activities: Students learn to ask critical questions to clarify their own thinking and the thinking of others.
  • Higher-Level Thinking: During activities like Socratic Seminar, students focus on content, build on each other’s thoughts, and challenge one another to think deeply.
  • Reading and Writing To Learn: Students read a variety of texts utilizing AVID’s critical reading strategies and engage in metacognitive discussions of the texts along with reflective writing activities.


For more information about AVID, please visit the AVID website.