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High School Credit Recovery

Welcome to Credit Recovery:
The Opportunities Never Stop

Summer 2020 Dates:

Deadline to register 5/27/2020

Courses begin 6/1/2020

Summer courses end 7/24/2020

Contact your guidance counselor now!

Need to make up failed credits? Credit Recovery runs year round in WSD3; one session in the fall and one in the spring, and one in the summer. See your guidance counselor for a Credit Recovery Application today!

  • Basic information: Refer to resources off to the side
  • Cost: $100 per course. We accept credit card payments, inquire with Counseling Center secretary at WHS and building secretary at MRHS.
  • Courses: all core subjects; see registration form for complete list
  • Restrictions: max of two courses per session; only classes already taken and failed
  • Time: 8 weeks per course; one semester credit available

*Due to COVID-19 Closures, we are not accepting out of district students for summer 2020. Typically, WSD3 welcomes students from other districts for online courses during the summer only; if your school doesn’t offer it, perhaps we can help!

Students must have their own access to internet. Computers are NOT provided.


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