• Yearbook Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are DUE February 1st! Get your application today! You can pick up a copy in the fonts offices, room #119, and/or room #121. You can also get one from your English Teacher. We look forward to reading your application.


    Yearbooks are on SALE for $65.00 until March 22, 2019!

    (The Price will go up starting March 23rd, so buy your Yearbook now for the best price.) You can purchase your book on-line at https://yearbookforever.com or through Mrs. Galaydick and the Yearbook Staff; we are available during 4th Block everyday, Block 2 on Black Days, and Block 3 on Purple Days. You can also contact us by phone (719-391-3679) during 4th Block only.




    All Baby Ads are DUE: The Deadline for Baby/PDA Ad submissions has passed.
    (You can submit your Ad online or to Mrs. Galaydick)

    Baby Ads Submitted Online: DUE December 7, 2018

    1. Go to the following Website: https://yearbookforever.com
    2. Select “Buy Senior Ad”
    3. Select the design choice that you prefer and follow the steps as directed

    Baby Ads Submitted To Mrs. Galaydick: DUE December 7, 2018 (There is an additional $5 fee for this option)

    1. Bring in your photos and message with your full name attached.
    2. The Yearbook Staff will create the Ad for you. Remember that each Ad is limited by the size you purchase, number of pictures you submit, and amount of characters you write. We will do our best to include everything but we may need to make adjustments.
    3. All baby pictures will be return after the Ads have been completed (this will be in second semester).

    Remember that all images are subject to review by the Yearbook Staff. Please only submit photos that are in focus, as large as possible, and school appropriate.

           Pricing for Baby/Recognition Ads

    1/8 of a page


    1/4 of a page


    1/2 page


    Full Page


    See Mrs. Galaydick or a Yearbook Staffer for More Information.  

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I buy a Yearbook?: You can buy a Yearbook on-line via the website: www.yearbookforever.com or in-person during 4th Block and Advisory everyday, Block 2 on Black Days, or Block 3 on Purple Days. These are the only times that you can purchase a Yearbook in-person, the books will not be sold by the front offices or during Mrs. Galaydick's class time. 

    2. When are Senior Photos Due?: The Deadline for senior photo submissions has passed. All Senior photos are DUE on-line by October 12th or in-person by October 11th.

    3. How much do the Yearbooks cost?: Currently the books are on sale for $65.00 but the price will increase by $5.00 starting on March 22nd. The price will continue to increase after each Quarter.

    4. What Are The Requirnments for Senior Photos?

    The Deadline for senior photo submissions has passed. All senior photos MUST follow these rules to be placed in the Yearbook—should any of these rules be violated then your photo can be rejected. This means that we will either (1) use your class mug shot picture or (2) you will not be represented in the Senior Section.  You may submit your photos on-line, e-mail them, or bring a photo to Mrs. Galaydick. Please include your given name when submitting.

    1. Make sure this picture is as large as possible (over 1 megabyte preferably 4x6).
    2. All pictures must be school appropriate (e.g. in compliance with school dress code policy) – low-cut shirts, see through, etc., are not acceptable. All pictures are subject to review. When in doubt, check with school administration. *Remember No Bs!*
    3. You should be the only person in the photo.
    4. No blurry or out-of-focus photos!

    5. How Do I Submit Senior Photos? The Deadline for senior photo submissions has passed.

    1. Personally bring a photo (4x6) to Mrs. Galaydick (Room #119 or Room #121)
    2. E-mail your photo to: galaydickb@wsd3.org (Include the student's name and make sure the picture is a large jpeg image--at least 1MB)

    6. When Are We Voting For Senior Superlatives: The Deadline for superlatives has passed. This will be done during your Advisory class. More information will be available on KMRG and given to your Advisory Teacher.