• The Time is Now
    Register now for Credit Recovery!

    Deadline to register for summer '19 is 5/30/19

    See your school guidance counselor for details!

    Summer 2019 session runs: 6/3/18 to 7/28/19

    We accept credit card payments!


    Courses Offered:
    English 9 Semesters 1 & 2
    English 10 Semesters 1 & 2
    Multicultural Literature
    British Literature

    World Literature

    Intermediate Composition

    Technical Writing

    Biology Semesters 1 & 2
    Earth Science Semesters 1 & 2
    Physical Science Semesters 1 & 2
    Chemistry Semesters 1 & 2

    World History Semesters 1 & 2
    American History Semesters 1 & 2
    American Government
    Social Studies 9

    Algebra 1 Semesters 1 & 2
    Algebra 2 Semesters 1 & 2
    Geometry Semesters 1 & 2

    Consumer Math Semester 1 & 2



    MONDAY, 6/3/19 @ WHS Computer Lab 153/154

    Math and Science Courses 8:30am to 10am

    English and Social Studies Courses 10:30 to Noon

    Health (either time)

    *If you are taking classes that fall in both times, please come to the early session, and take both tests.


    *Park/Drop off at black gate in parking lot between WHS and WEL (enter through black gate and follow the signs to the computer lab.

    Courses END on 7/28/19 (no exceptions/extensions)



    *No student will receive online access until they have taken the pre-test with a Credit Recovery staff member. If you have a scheduling conflict email Monica Dicus at dicusm@wsd3.org to discuss options for the required supervised pre-test.  


    Summer 2019 Computer Lab Info

    Where: Lab 153 @ WHS (near black gate)

    Who: Anyone needing a quiet place to work on CR and access to CR Staff in person

    When: June 2019 ONLY

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

    9am to Noon

    *Must enter through black gate in south parking lot. No main building entry/access!

    *Calendar to be posted with Staff schedule by 6/1/2019


    *There are NO exceptions to the end date, all work must still be completed by the close of the session on July 28, 2019.




    *Attendance IS required for all Credit Recovery Students.
    ~Orientation to the online OdysseyWare program, allows you to meet your teacher face to face, acquire your log-on information, and obtain course expectations. This is also when you will take the supervised/required pre-test for your class. Course access will be denied until you take the pre-test with a Credit Recovery staff member present.

    Teacher 'face to face' times are by office/appointment hours only.


    Welcome to Credit Recovery: The Opportunities Never Stop

    Need to make up failed credits? Credit Recovery runs year round in WSD3; one session in the fall and one in the spring, and one in the summer. Look for registration information in your school’s counseling center, and see them to register today.

    Basic information: See pamphlet or FAQs under files for more details

    Cost: $100 per course. We accept credit card payments, inquire with Counseling Center secretary at WHS and building secretary at MRHS.

    Courses: all core subjects; see registration form for complete list

    Restrictions: max of two courses per session; only classes already taken and failed

    Time: 8 weeks per course; one semester credit available

    Out of district? WSD3 welcomes students from other districts for online courses during the summer only; if your school doesn’t offer it, perhaps we can help!

    *Students must have their own access to internet. Computers are NOT provided. 

    Questions? BEST POINT OF CONTACT IS TO EMAIL QUESTIONS TO  dicusm@wsd3.org


    If you need program expectations, reminders, help, please view the FAQS/Tips.


    Common Concerns

    Program Help:
    Use the file Student Tips and FAQs below for frequently asked questions and help with using the system, as well as citation.
    BASIC Trouble shooting:
    -Be sure you accessed OdysseyWare through this page.
    -Students log in with their SD3 Google Email account!
    -There are no excused assignments; contact your teacher with questions
    -Submit assignments through the OdysseyWare website

    What to do if you "disappear"
    The OdysseyWare system changes a student's status in the course after he or she has submitted all the work, regardless of the scores on them. When this happens it will look like you are no longer enrolled in any courses when you login. Don't panic! You have until the dates provided for each session and it is an easy fix; just email or text your teacher or the coordinator phone at 719-896-0175 and your status will be reinstated within 24 hours and all work you have done will reappear. Kudos on your hard work and let us know what you need.

    ~Ms. Dicus

    If you have already contacted your teacher/mentor but have unresolved issues, please contact Ms. Dicus (the Program Coordinator) at 719-896-0175 via text or phone call.  Include your name, the course you are taking, the issue at hand, and a reliable contact number.

    Current Session Updates:

    Once sessions begin, please remember to login daily and contact teachers as needed. Email, text, phone, and face-to-face communication is used by teachers; please check these modes of communication daily as well. Teachers are allowed 48 hours to respond to texts/calls/emails, but will typically respond within 24 hours.  The week of spring break, teachers are not available to students, but students are encouraged to continue working on assignments. 

    Credit Recovery Staff List (District Issued phone numbers TBA)

    • Tim Krablean (Social Studies) 719-491-2431
    • Josh Morse (Social Studies) 719-209-0638
    • Tony Washington (Science)  719-761-6427
    • Laura Smith (Science) 719-492-0672
    • Tee Overstreet (Math) 719-459-5932
    • Kali Hines (Math) 719-201-8521
    • Natalie Fowler (English) 719-453-5961
    • Morgan Melton (English) 719-453-5962
    • Josh and Molly Tutje (Health) 719-432-7024
    • Kayla Gunn (SPED/504 Support) 719-432-7022
    • Monica Dicus - Coordinator 719-896-0175 *email is the best way to contact me for a speedy response!

    Please contact Monica Dicus (Coordinator) with questions or concerns if teacher can't be reached. Your call will be returned within 48 business hours. dicusm@wsd3.org *BEST POINT OF CONTACT*