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Links for Learning GAMES

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Sites with Multiple Subjects and Grade Levels www.quizlet

Literacy Games - Parts of speech - English vocabulary, English grammar - Punctuation, Sentence Structures, Word Types

  • Word Invasion (punctuation)
  • Verb Viper (subject/verb agreement)
  • Spelling Games: Whizz words, etc.

Math Games - Multiplication facts practice, Basic skills, algebra - Practice skills in Escape the Room type of challenge  - Interactive simulations related to math skills

Typing Games - Teaches correct hand placement, how to type by focusing on different keys at a time

  • Start here if you need to learn how to type correctly  - A race-car typing game to provide practice in typing faster

  • Start here if you already know how to type but just need to increase your speed
  • Has a social media feel to it, including inviting friends to race, music, and messaging

Science Inquiry -Interactive science simulations in different areas

Social Studies

  • Links to virtual museums and field trips


PLTW  - Practice measurement skills

Suggestions?Please email with suggestions for links to add