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Traffic Flow at Sproul


In order to ease the flow of traffic, please DO NOT approach Sproul from Sumac. Click here for a diagram. The correct way is to go up Jasper, which will take you through the one-way parking lot and out down Sumac. Driving up Sumac results in congestion, since you will have to wait for traffic coming out of the parking lot, and then turn around in the cul de sac.


Dropping off and picking up your student at the bottom of Sumac on Hallam will completely eliminate waiting for traffic.


Please do not park in the yellow marked area down the center of the parking lot; this is the bus and emergency vehicle parking zone, and must be kept clear at all times, including during after school events. Also, please do not park in reserved spots, or in front of neighbors’ driveways; neighbors may
call police, who will ticket your vehicle.