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National Training Center Coming Soon!

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(Photo: (left) Tim Kistler, superintendent Peyton School District, (right) Scott Campbell, superintendent Widefield School District) 

We are excited to announce a unique partnership between Widefield School District 3 and Peyton School District that will create career pathways for high school students.

Widefield and Peyton school districts have teamed up to create the Peyton/Widefield Vocational Education Campus that will house the National Training Center for manufacturing. The 46,600 square-foot building is located at 4450 Foreign Trade Zone across from Widefield School District’s transportation department.

The training center is an expansion of the Peyton Woods Manufacturing program that began in 2015 in Peyton School District. Dean Mattson, director of the program, brought his experience in business and education to train high school students in manufacturing and other skills that are required to improve Colorado’s manufacturing workforce.

After touring the program last fall, I was beyond impressed with the potential for students to succeed after high school. Tim Kistler, superintendent of Peyton School District, opened his doors to allow Widefield to send students to Peyton to take the woods classes. We had 9 students drive themselves every day to participate in the program. This year we are bussing 50 students to Peyton. We’re also providing Chromebooks for each student to allow them to do class work during the 50 minute drive to and from Peyton.

The training center will house state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Stiles Machinery, the industry leader for advanced manufacturing solutions, has committed a significant amount of resources towards the program. We are also working with other industry companies and manufacturers for additional support on the project. 

The national training center is scheduled to open in August 2017.



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