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Friends of the Library Membership Month!

On March 1, the Friends of the Security Public Library will begin their annual Membership Drive. 

The Friends of the Security Public Library is a non-profit voluntary group which recognizes that excellence in library service enhances the quality of life in our community. Since 1988 the Friends of the Library have made significant contributions to the steady growth of the library and its services to the community.   

The Friends group invites you to become a Member!  A contribution to the Friends entitles you:  to first pick of the books at the annual book sales; to twelve issues of the Library Calendar; and you can receive “our price” on new book purchases using the Friend's Account.

Becoming a "Friend" is easy:  Individual membership is $5.00, Family $15.00, Lifetime $25.00, and Corporate is $50.00.  Dues and contributions are tax deductible.  For more information about becoming a Friend, please call the library at 391-3191