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Security Public Library goes FINE FREE!

That means that when life gets in the way and you return items a few days late, you can do so without worrying about overdue fines. Even if you have an overdue item that prevents you from checking more items out, just return the book and you will be back to borrowing!  

Why are we doing this? It is just another reason to love your library! It is the mission of the Library to provide equal access to information, services, and opportunities that inform, connect, engage, and empower all users. Fines are a barrier to that access. Eliminating that barrier opens doors to all in our community to utilize the resources that the Library offers.

Should customers continue to return items on or before the due date? Yes! It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s how libraries work. Customer accounts are blocked from further checkout when one or more items reach 14 days overdue. Your account will be unblocked if you just get those overdue items back ASAP!

So, no matter how late I return items, I'll never be charged a fee? You won't be charged overdue fines for late returns. Keep in mind though that items are considered LOST on the 45th day overdue and you will be billed replacement FEES for those items at that point. We want our stuff back on time so other customers can use them, too!  Accounts are referred to collections on the 55th day overdue. At that point, a non-negotiable $10 fee is assessed to cover costs we incur pursuing collection action. Borrowing privileges may be curtailed for customers who are habitually late returning library items.

What do I do if I have current fines on my account? Customers who have fines that were accrued on their accounts prior to December 31, 2018, will need to visit the Library and speak with a staff member at the service desk about their balance. Please bring any materials that have accrued fines with you at this time.               

Questions? Call 391-3196 or visit us at the library!