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District 3 Joins VA Campaign to Hire Veterans

Widefield School District 3 is partnering with the Veteran Economic Communities Initiative (VECI) to increase employment opportunities for the veterans in the Pikes Peak region.

"Widefield School District 3 has always been a strong supporter of military families in our community. We are excited to increase that support and further our commitment towards the men and women who serve our country," said superintendent Scott Campbell.
Launched by Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald this past May in 25 cities across the nation, including Colorado Springs, the VECI works to create stronger economic outcomes for Transitioning Service members, Veterans and their families.  A key part of the Initiative is to create pipelines of meaningful employment for our country’s heroes, spouses and dependents.
“The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance (RBA) is a proud VECI partner.  Together, we are working to connect great employers such as the Widefield School District to the talented, highly skilled military workforce in our community through the Veterans Employment Center.  If you are an employer in the area, I highly encourage you to use this great resource,” said Dirk Draper, RBA chief executive officer.

“Hiring Veterans is more than a patriotic duty, it is a deliberate business decision,” added Campbell, “They possess the type of leadership and loyalty we are seeking at District 3.”


 By signing up to the Veterans Employment Center, District 3 will build upon their strong track record of hiring and retaining strives to keep military families in the community.