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Coloring Contest

Starx Lydem Pinello 4th Grade Grayson Eberwein WEL 1st Grade Aya Lane Sunrise 3rd Grade Noah Wilkins Sunrise 5th Grade Caelyn Adams Sunrise 2nd Grade

October was School Bus Safety Awareness month and the WSD3 Transportation Department Safety Committee hosted a poster drawing coloring contest for all elementary schools. The theme of the poster was “Who is Your Safety Super Hero” and students could choose anyone within the district who helps keep them safe. Winners of the contest were able to win a $50 gift certificate and a Winner Plaque.

The Transportation Department voted on which poster was their favorite and the winners were selected. The Transportation Department Safety Team went out to the each of the winners’ schools and awarded them. The following students are the winners of the safety poster coloring contest:

  • Starx Lydem (Pinello Elementary – 4th grade)
  • Grayson Eberwein (Widefield Elementary – 1st grade)
  • Aya Lane (Sunrise Elementary – 3rd grade)
  • Noah Wilkins (Sunrise Elementary – 5th grade)
  • Caelyn Adams (Sunrise Elementary – 2nd grade) 

Congratulation to the winners and thank you to our Transportation Department for holding the contest. To learn more about our Transportation Department visit here.