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Widefield of Dreams

May 2019 ~ Trevon Salas

Trevon Salas Widefield of Dreams student

Trevon Salas is leaving a legacy at Webster Elementary. The fifth grader has been chosen for the 2019 Pop Warner Second Team All-American Scholars list. Pop Warner is the only national youth sports organization in America that requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play. For the past few years, Trevon has played football with the 719 Outlaws. He has also maintained good grades, participated in extracurricular activities including running and piano, as well as his community service through Care and Share and the American Legion. Trevon’s favorite subject is math and he says he loves learning new things every day. Trevon will be recognized by Pop Warner this summer in Baltimore, Maryland. Trevon says his dream is play for the Carolina Panthers and become an architect to build stadiums.


April 2019 ~ Abby Jackson

Abby Jackson Widefield of Dreams for April 2019

After seeing the Cirque du Soleil show “Ovo,” Abby Jackson knew that’s what she wanted to do. With no athletic background and extreme stage fright, Abby knew it would be challenging. The Widefield High School sophomore started training at Dragonfly Aerials, learning from a 19-year veteran of Cirque du Soleil. She’s learning silks, hoops, Lyra, trapeze and aerial dance. Abby practices two nights a week and performs around town. After high school graduation, Abby plans on moving to Montreal to join the circus school and learn to speak French. Her dream is to perform on stage, and hopefully one day on stage for Cirque du Soleil.


March 2019 ~ Christian Thew

Christian Thew Watson Junior High Widefield of Dreams student

A future entrepreneur is in the making at Watson Junior High School. Christian Thew has started his own business doing what he loves; creating LEGO figures and accessories. Christian has always had a passion for making his own customized LEGO pieces and decided to take that passion and turn it into profit. Just like real life, Christian created a business proposal and went to his mom (the bank) to request a loan for start-up costs. He then began selling his pieces at local events and fairs, and eventually created his own business Facebook page. Christian spends 20-30 hours a week molding and painting customized LEGO figures and pieces. He credits classes like 3D printing and modeling and math for inspiring his passion. Christian's dream is to study graphic design in college and open up his own business using UV printing for LEGO compatible items. 

February 2019 ~ Maddy Cowell

Maddy Cowell Widefield of Dreams student of the month

Our "Widefield of Dreams" student for the month of February is Venetucci third grader Maddy Cowell. Maddy is a cheerleader and gymnast who is already making a name for herself. Last year, she won four medals with her competitive cheer team in Kansas, including 1st Place in the US Finals, and was named team captain for showing exceptional leadership skills. New to Colorado, Maddy is looking to join a local cheer team and continue her passion for doing jumps, backhand springs, and twists. In her spare time, Maddy choreographs her own cheer and gymnastics routine that she is saving for competitions. Maddy's dream is to become a professional cheerleader competing with the Great White Sharks of Canada and to compete in gymnastics at the Olympics doing the floor, bars, and balance beam events.

January 2019 ~ Keaton Morrison

Keaton Morrison Seventh Grader Sproul Junior High Widefield of Dreams student of the month

Sproul Spartan Keaton Morrison is our Widefield of Dreams student of the month. Keaton is a true leader among his peers and strives to make a positive impact in his community. Keaton is currently a member of the school's leadership team and Odyssey of the Mind Club, and serves as a Student Ambassador. He also runs cross country and track, and does karate outside of school. Keaton loves every subject, but especially loves geography. He puts his knowledge to the test at the district Geography and Knowledge Bowls. Keaton also enjoys engineering and building. He is currently working on a landscape project in his backyard that includes building a dam. Keaton's dream is to become a civil engineer and work on city planning projects.

December 2018 WOD ~ Rylee Mann

December 2018 WOD Rylee Mann

Mesa Ridge High School senior, Rylee Mann, is giving back to the community through bargain shopping at its best. Rylee taught herself how to shop with coupons to buy products for only a few dollars. She took her couponing skills and started to resell her items for half the price of what most retail stores offer. Rylee buys items at a discount with her coupons and donates some items back to the community. Recently, she was able to buy 19 hula hoops for only 19 cents and donated to the Security Public Library. Rylee’s dream is to keep giving back to the community through couponing and to one day open her own daycare.

November 2018 WOD ~ Lauren Chappell

Lauren Chappell Sproul Junior High Widefield of Dreams student of the month

Sproul Spartan Lauren Chappell is climbing her way to the top, literally. The seventh grader rock climbs for Team City Rock, ages 7-16, and competes in local and state competitions. Lauren practices three days a week working on technique and strength training. During the last USA competition, Lauren placed 12 out of 40 in her age group. She can boulder a V5 and climb a 5'11 plus. She said rock climbing serves as a positive outlet for exercise and mental health. Lauren enjoys the challenge of having to think critically and problem-solve. Outside the climbing wall, Lauren is active in her school community. She is the manager of Sproul’s cross country team, she is a student ambassador, and is a member of student news. Lauren’s dream is become a professional rock climber and a neurological surgeon.

October 2018 WOD ~ Cassidy Heckathorn

Cassidy Heckathorn Widefield of Dreams student of the month

A fourth grade student at Sunrise Elementary is helping victims of Hurricane Florence. Cassidy Heckathorn organized a book drive to donate to schools affected by the hurricane. She got the idea during a writing assignment in which students had to think of a person who needed a book. Cassidy remembered watching the news and seeing the damage at schools in North and South Carolina and decided to write about them. The next day she brought the idea of a book drive to her teacher and has since collected boxes of books to donate. Cassidy’s dream is to continue giving back to the community. She also wants to be an art teacher and teach students how to use recyclables to create art.


September 2018 WOD ~ Erik Hiten

Erik Hiten Widefield of Dreams Student

Erik Hiten is a sophomore at Mesa Ridge High School who has shown that determination and perseverance pays off. Last year, Erik went through a rough patch in life and made some poor choices that affected his education and extracurricular activities. Instead of giving up, Erik kept a positive attitude and proved that he could be an exemplary student and role model to his peers. Erik then went on to letter in Choir and Drama, and recently helped the Pride of Mesa Ridge Marching Band achieve first place at the Colorado State Fair. Erik has played the alto sax for three years and said music is his passion. Erik's dream is study music in college and share his knowledge with others. 


May 2018 WOD ~ Sean Lockhart

Sean Lockhart Widefield of Dreams student Janitell Junior High

A talented student shines brightly at Janitell Junior High School. Sean Lockhart is an eighth grader with a passion for singing and dancing. He won this year's District 3 Talent Show, showing his dance skills for all. Sean has been dancing for 11 years and is part of Summit Dance Works, where he travels to other states for competition. Sean also made the honor group for the Colorado All State Middle School Choir. Sean is also very involved in school and is always encouraging those around him to do the right thing. His dream is to one day become an entertainer incorporating singing and dance.


April 2018 WOD ~ Daniel & Achilles Evans

Daniel and Achilles Evans Widefield of Dreams Students


Two brothers are wrestling their way to greatness at Venetucci Elementary. Daniel and Achilles Evans, fifth and fourth graders, recently took first place in wrestling.
Daniel took the state title for 86 pounds in the 12 and under division and Achilles took the state title for 90 pounds in the 10 and under division. The brothers practice three days a week and look forward to continuing to grow and compete in the sport. Off the wrestling mat, the boys are champs in school too. Daniel has good grades and loves science. His dream is be an engineer and either play football in the NFL or wrestle in the olympics. Achilles is a straight-A student who loves math and also wants to become an engineer. His dream is play football in the NFL or basketball in the NBA.


March 2018 WOD ~ Miaja Starke

Miaja Starke French Elementary Widefield of Dreams student

A passionate student is hoping to make a difference in French Elementary. Miaja Starke is a fourth grader who is involved in speech, choir, volleyball, and theater at Pikes Peak Regional Center Stage. She recenelty played Cogsworth for Beauty and the Beast. Outside of her school activities, Miaja strives to make schools a safe environment by speaking out against bullying. She has been raising awareness of an anti-bullying campaign called "Be Good to People."  Miaja is motivated to make positive change. Her goal for the anti-bullying program is to create an after-school club for all students and spread supportive messages through announcements at school.  Miaja’s dream is to stop bullying and make the world a better place.


February 2018 WOD ~ Kaley Newman 

Kaley Newman Sproul Junior High Widefield of Dreams Student for February

A stellar student-athlete is showing her peers what is means to be a Sproul Spartan. Kaley Newman is an 8th grader who follows "The Spartan Way" with respect, responsibility, and integrity. Kaley is a straight A student who has her eye set on becoming Valedictorian when she graduates high school. She earned “exceeds” on her PARCC tests and said education is very important in her life. Her favorite subjects are math and science. Kaley also plays five sports including softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and track. She was nominated by three of her coaches (softball, volleyball, and basketball) for Athlete of the Week at her school. Kaley said she plays sports to stay active, have fun, and learn responsibility. While she admits she is competitive, Kaley said she keeps a positive attitude, win or lose. Kaley’s dream is to play softball in the Olympics, if the sport comes back, and to study interior design at CSU Fort Collins.

January 2018 WOD ~ Damien Reyes

Damien Reyes Widefield of Dreams student

A professional Brazilian Ju-Jitzu (BJJ) fighter walks the halls of Webster Elementary. Fifth grade student Michael "Damien" Reyes is a national champion in the lightweight division. He started ju-jitzu when he was three years old and is currently a yellow-black belt. Damien has competed in three professional fights and recently took first place at the Battle 4 the Ages tournament. Damien is also a wrestler and said both sports give him confidence and allow him to meet new kids. Damien is just as focused in the classroom. He participates, works hard, and is purposeful in everything he does.  His future plans include attending Oklahoma State University (OSU) to wrestle and to get a degree in science. Damien’s dream is to send rovers to Mars and of course, fight in the UFC.


December 2017 WOD ~ Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner Widefield of Dreams student

She’s a philanthropist in the making whose love for art led to a fundraiser to help Hurricane Harvey victims. Ashley Turner is a fifth grade student at Widefield Elementary. Her favorite subject is art, and while in class one day, she got the idea to create something that would help students in Houston who lost everything to the hurricane. Ashley said she wanted to help because she was worried the kids wouldn’t have stuff they needed to learn. With the guidance from her art teacher Ms. Katie Whatley and the help of Art Club and Link Crew, Ashley and friends made colorful tiles coasters and magnetic bottle caps. The school sold some of the items at its Fall Carnival and will sell more at the Tree Lighting on Dec. 5 at Widefield Parks and Recreation. Ashley’s dream is to be a businesswoman. She wants to own a veterinarian clinic and host fundraising events to help animals. She already has the name of her business, “All Animals Wishes Come True (A.A.W.C.T.)” Way to dream big Ashley!


November 2017 WOD ~ Patrick Medina

Patrick Medina Widefield of Dreams student

Football and basketball season are extremely busy for Patrick Medina. He is constantly running around on the field and court, traveling to and from games, and making sure his teammates are ready to play.  Patrick, sophomore at Widefield High School, is the manager for both teams. His duties include everything from assisting referees to getting the coach and players what they need during practice and on game day. He became the manager for both teams last year and plans to hold that position until he graduates in 2020. Patrick is also training as a student athletic trainer to better support his teammates. Patrick said being a team manager gives him confidence and helps him make friends. He gets to be involved with sports and still gets that team bonding experience. Patrick’s dream is to be a team manager and athletic trainer for the Denver Broncos.


October 2017 WOD ~ Aiden Meacham

Aiden Meacham Widefield of Dreams student for Widefield School District, Colorado Springs, CO

Lucky for us, skates are not allowed in school or we would never see Aiden Meacham.
Aiden is a fifth grader at French Elementary and a local speed skater, both inline and ice skating. Aiden found his calling as a skater when he was pursuing hockey. He joined a learn-to- skate program and met a speed skating coach. Since then he was placed in the top three of several regional, state, and national competitions, and he is currently training for indoor regionals. Aiden said skating is important to him because it keeps him healthy and fit, it’s fun, and he gets to travel and meet people. Aiden’s dream is to skate in the Junior Olympics and when he is of age, the Olympics. He also wants to be a speed skating coach for kids when he grows up.


September 2017 WOD~ Malachi Clark

Malachi Clark freshman at Widefield High School   

Malachi Clark, freshman at WHS, is proving you can do anything you put your mind too. Malachi has a form of cerebral palsy that makes his muscles tight and prevents his brain from sending signals to his legs. He has had three surgeries on this lower body to improve his balance. Despite physical challenges, Malachi plays sports just like everyone else. He has played sled hockey for the past four years with a local team and just recently started playing with a wheelchair basketball league out of Denver. Malachi said he wants to be a detective when he grows up, but more importantly, his dream is to inspire other disabled people and encourage them to follow their dreams.


September 2017 WOD~ Teagan Keeler

Teagan Keeler sophomore at Widefield High School

Meet Teagan Keeler! She’s a sophomore at Widefield High School who spends all her free time fostering puppies. In the past three years, Teagan has fostered more than 200 dogs! She volunteers with Mile High Lab Mission out of Denver. Her latest rescue of puppies came from Houston, Texas where Hurricane Harvey recently hit. Dozens of puppies were lost or left behind during the floods. Teagan took in seven puppies and will be helping them find forever homes soon. Teagan said she loves making people’s lives happier by adding a furry family member. Her dream is to continue rescuing puppies as a hobby, and to help people by becoming a school psychologist or English teacher.



May 2017 WOD~ Shaelynn Williams

  Shaelynn Williams
 A Mesa Ridge High School student overcomes odds to snag a state championship in track and field. Shaelynn Williams, junior, took the 2017 4A State Championship in Shot Put, throwing an  incredible 40 feet 10 inches! With this great accomplishment came a lot of challenges. In sixth grade, Williams was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects her breathing as well as her body. This past December, Williams had a flare-up that was by far the worst she has had. She came down with pneumonia and was rushed to the emergency room to discover that she had blood clots in her left lung. Luckily, everything was okay but she now has to take medication daily to control her ailments.With life trying to knock her down, Williams was determined to keep pushing forward. After recovery she got back on the health track both mentally and physically. She has a current GPA of a 4.12 and is a member of the school’s National Honors Society. Williams said the support from her friends and family keep her motivated, along with her love of the sport and faith in God.Williams is determined to beat her throw distance next spring by ten feet and is hoping to throw shot put in college after graduation.
April 2017 WOD ~ Brandon Williams 
Brandon Williams Watson Junior High Widefield of Dreams  
Brandon Williams is racing toward the 2020 Olympics. The Watson Junior High 8th grader runs track for the school and with the Colorado Springs Striders. He competes in the 800 and has broke club records seven times! His fastest time is 2:24. This year Brandon placed third in the 26th Annual Arizona Indoor Championship qualifying him for the Hershey National Indoor Championship in New York. Brandon started running two years ago. "I feel like when I'm mad or annoyed, running helps me vent and it all goes away," he said. Brandon's dream is to run the 800 and the one mile in the 2020 Olympics while in high school and then run track at Texas A&M where he wants to study aerospace engineering. 
February 2017 WOD ~ Conor Peck
Conor Peck Widefield of Dreams Colorado Springs Colorado  
 Conor Peck may not know it, but he is an inspiration to anyone who has had to overcome the odds and find a “Plan B” in life. The Widefield High School senior is a stellar Navy Junior ROTC cadet, currently holding the position as executive officer, who had dreams of becoming a marine. A dream that actually became a brief reality when we was sworn in last May and scheduled to leave basic training this June. Conor had also taken up wrestling in his junior year and was looking forward to pursuing the sport as a senior. On September 29, 2016, Conor’s “Plan A” changed after getting into a car accident that left him paralyzed from the sternum down. Conor says that’s just a technical diagnosis, he plans to walk again and prove the doctors wrong.
After spending a month in the hospital and rehabilitation, Conor returned to school continuing ROTC and wrestling. While he may not be on the mat, he is still a part of the team taking pictures. Conor continues outpatient rehab once a week. His “Plan B” is to attend Pikes Peak Community College and transfer to UCCS to major in chemistry and minor in biology. His dream is to become a neurologist and study rehabilitation.
January 2017 WOD ~ Baylor Brown
Baylor Brown Widefield of Dreams student  
Baylor Brown, senior at Mesa Ridge High School, is quite the accomplished musician. He plays the string bass for the school and has been selected for the All State Symphonic Orchestra for the third year in a row. Baylor has also performed multiple times with the Colorado Springs Chamber Group, and is a member of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association (CSYSA).
Currently Baylor holds the principal position in the top group. Baylor went on a performance tour to Europe this summer stopping in New York City to perform in Carnegie Hall, then to Prague, Leipzig and Berlin. WOW! When Baylor isn't strumming his strings, he’s competing in mountain bike competitions with the Highlander Racing Mountain Bike Team, which is part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Baylor plans on attending Bard College majoring in both music performance and mathematics. His dream is to travel to Europe and play in a German orchestra, and become an actuary. 
December 2016 WOD ~ Sydney Villers
sydney villers, widefield high school senior, colorado springs, colorado, november widefield of dreams students  
#SmartyPants is an appropriate hashtag for Ms. Sydney Villers who is a National Merit® Scholarship semi-finalist.
The Widefield High School senior worked very hard to meet requirements which included taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®) - a test which serves as an initial screen of approximately 1.6 million entrants each year. Of the 1.6 million entrants, some 50,000 with the highest test score qualifies for recognition in the National Merit® Scholarship Program. Sydney not only made the 50,000, she moved on to become a semi-finalist, one of 16,000 in the United States. In February 2017, 15,000 finalists will be selected. Between March and June, NMSC chooses 7,500 to receive a Merit Scholarship. Sydney says this process has been worth every bit of time and energy spent. "It's an achievement based scholarship that reflects the hard work I've put in," said Sydney. Applying for the National Merit® Scholarship has expanded scholarship opportunities for Sydney and she is hoping when it's all said and done, to go to college for free...or cheap as possible. Sydney's dream is to pursue science and do something that helps people. 
November 2016 WOD ~ Shaienne Knox
colorado springs, widefield, school district, mesa ridge   

Shaienne Knox is a rising star Mesa Ridge high school. Besides being involved in marching band, KMRG, National Honor Society, and cheerleading, she can now add “award-winning filmmaker” to her resume. During the summer Shaienne completed a fellowship with the Youth Documentary Academy. She was selected to attend YDA at the Bemis Arts School for a six week, intensive workshop on filmmaking.

Shaienne's film “OUT OF OUR HEADS” explores the variety of hairstyles that African American girls wear, the commodification of black hair, the pressure to straighten and conform to white standards of beauty, and the role of hair in a political movement of change. Her film won the 'Excellent Experimental or Documentary Film' and 'Young Filmmaker' awards by the Pikes Peak Arts Council on October 4.

Shaienne's documentary will screen on October 26 at the Fine Arts Center.

For more information on the event visit:

October 2016 WOD ~ Wesley Barrientos
mesa ridge high school, widefield, colorado springs, colorado,
 A rock star walks the halls of Mesa Ridge high school. Senior Wesley Barrientos plays the sax in the popular band “La Nueva Lealtad,” which means the new loyalty. Wesley’s band plays norteno mexican music similar to polka and corridos.  

It’s a mix of the saxophone, accordion, bajo sexto (12 string bass) and drums. Wesley comes from a long line of musicians including his brother, father, and grandpa. His brother inspired him to play an instrument and taught him how to play the saxophone. La Nueva Lealtad is based out of Denver and performs all over Colorado and surrounding states. Most recently, the band played at the Colorado State Fair. Wesley practices at least 10 hours a week, along with his school work and working part-time at KFC. Wesley plans to pursue his music career after graduation and to one day make it big!

September 2016 WOD ~ Mariah Boudrieau 
colorado springs, colorado, widefield, high school   
She goes by "Froggy 17" on the weekends, but at school she is known as Mariah Boudrieau. Mariah is a sophomore at Widefield High School and is our first "Widefield of Dreams" student for the 2016-2017 school year. Besides being a stellar student, Mariah is a superstar on the racetrack. Mariah has been racing cars since she was 11-years-old. Currently she races a green hornet car, which is a 4-cylinder stock car with a roll cage. She started out racing quarter midgets, similar to a go-cart, and won two track championships. Now she has her eye on "Rookie of the Year" for hornet racing which includes a scholarship to the University of Ohio. Mariah is the youngest racer in her class, ages 14 and up, and is ranked number 4 out of 27 racers in the Pikes Peak region. Mariah's dream is to race for Nascar one day. 
March 2016 WOD ~ Kam Lee
Widefield, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kam Lee  
 Kam Lee is a junior at Widefield High School and was recently named an "Academic All American" by the National Speech & Debate Association. Kam had to meet several criteria for this prestigious award including maintaining a GPA of 3.7 or higher in additional to earning an ACT score of 27 or higher or a combined SAT score of 2,000 or higher. She took 21st in state in poetry at the state competition in March. Kam says forensics has been an invaluable experience because of the people she has met, and it has helped her to become more comfortable speaking in front of people. Kam plans to go to college after graduation and study chemistry. 
February 2016 WOD ~ GraiShawn Landry 
Widefield, Colorado Springs, Colorado  
 GraiShawn Landry is a name you should get to know because this young lady will no doubt make it big in life. She is an enthusiastic 8th grader at Watson Junior High with a strong passion for making a difference in the lives of our youth.  Besides her involvement in National Junior Honor Society, wrestling, choir, and advanced placement classes, GraiShawn is a true, born leader. She is constantly coming up with ways to help other students, improve community involvement, and show everyone to be grateful for what they have in life. It’s no surprise she has big dreams when she grows up. GraiShawn wants to attend Stanford University or the Air Force Academy and become a musician, motivational speaker, engineer and politician. With her dedication and determination, she will succeed.  
January 2016 WOD ~ Michael Westberg
Michael Westberg  Westberg

Micahel Westberg may not be the youngest Eagle Scout ever, but he is pretty close. At just 13-years-old this Watson Junior High seventh grader has earned the highest honor of Eagle Scout, which is pretty rare. The typical age to earn the rank of Eagle is 17 or 18 years old. Scouts must earn a total of 21 merit badges of which 10 are required, provide leadership to their unit for six months after earning their Life Rank, and plan, develop, and give leadership that benefits a religious institution, a school, or a community organization. Michael helped rebuild a playground at a local elementary school. Michael’s drive to become an Eagle Scout so young stems from healthy competition with his older brother who earned his Eagle rank before his 14th birthday. Michael says his dream is to become a mechanical engineer and professional soccer player. 

December 2015 WOD ~ Danaya Kinnard 
Danaya Kinnard is a vibrant fifth grader at Venetucci Elementary who has a passion for learning. Danaya won “Best In Show” for her “Dirty To Clean Water” experiment at the 2015 District Science Fair. She also won the grand prize at last year’s district science fair. Danaya is a gifted and talented student who excels at reading, math and science. She loves to learn and has an incredible memory to remember everything she learns. Danaya says her dream is help people through science by becoming a famous scientist of surgeon. 
November 2015 WOD ~ Charis Groenig 
 Charis Groenig
Charis Groenig is an international star for her color guard performances. In June 2015, Charis wrote and produced The Mayflower Winter Guard’s routine in the U.K. The winter guard performed in front of Queen Elizabeth and received a standing ovation.
While Charis was not able to attend, she was recognized for excellent production. This isn’t the first time Charis’ talents have been used overseas. In 2014, she helped train a multi-winter guard in Japan. She has received weapons mastery, in rifle, saber and flaming knives. Charis’ dream is to write and direct a show on the Las Vegas strip and go to college to become a forensic scientist.
October 2015 WOD ~ Kylie Almeida 

Kylie Almeida

Kylie Almeida is a great example of how important community is in our district.  Kylie is a junior at Widefield High School.
Over the summer she took part in a leadership class called Leading Edge through Leadership Pikes Peak. The program is designed to help students make a difference in their community. Kylie was one of 35 students chosen to participate in Colorado Springs.
Her group worked with TESSA, a non-profit organization that helps women and children. Kylie’s group created a video to show parents warning signs of teen abuse. Kylie received a "Community Trustee Award" from TESSA for her hard work and dedication, and got the opportunity to speak to the El Paso County Commissioners and City Council representatives. Kylie says her dream is to become a leader and help other people. 
September 2015 WOD ~ Asjha Tveter
 Asjha Tveter Dancing AT
 Widefield School District 3 is rich in tradition. It’s a core value that is shared by many of our students including Watson Junior High student Asjha Tveter. Asjha dances in Native American powwows or “pau-waus.” She specializes in the jingle dance and competes across the world. Asjha recently took first place in the Crow Fair in Montana. She has been dancing in powwows since she could walk. Her siblings, mother and grandmother also dance. She also helps her mother make the dresses and outfits for each dance. Asjha says her dream is to become Miss Indian World, a honor given to a woman with good grades, competitive dancer, and involved in community. While achieving her dream, she plans to go to college and become a marine biologist. Click here to see a video of Asjha dancing. 
August 2015 WOD ~ Antreise Lacey 
Antreise Lacey  
Lay out the red carpet for rising superstar Antreise Lacey! Antreise is a senior at Widefield high school and recently completed a fellowship with the Youth Documentary Academy. She was selected to attend YDA at the Bemis Arts School for a six week, intensive workshop on film making. Antreise's film "Shade" highlights many of the inequalities African American women still endure because of the shade of their skin. At the screening in July, her film garnered the most discussion from the audience. You can view her documentary here. Antreise is a well-rounded student, heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, and has plans to pursue film making and acting in college. Keep dreaming big Antreise!
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