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Connect With Widefield

Connect with Widefield: WSD3's Chapter of Family, School, and Community Partnerships

The Family, School, and Community Partnerships (FSCP) is a preschool through 12th grade framework developed by Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to encourage all members of school and district communities to work together for student success. Connect with Widefield is committed to supporting the framework’s cornerstones of culture, relationships, opportunities, and resources. The group's purpose is to create a holistic and supportive educational ecosystem that extends beyond school boundaries. The group strives to achieve this purpose by focusing on the following guiding principles: 

  • Improve Student Success
  • Build Trust and Collaboration
  • Strengthen Community Resources

Improve Student Success

The best way to improve student achievement is to remain engaged with your student and their teacher. Supplemental activities, reading and completing homework assignments together, and spending quality time with your student benefits the family, classroom, and beyond.

Build Trust and Collaboration

Attending meetings and events, responding to surveys, and participating in PTO, BAAC, and district-wide committees helps attendees to understand what is going on in the schools, the school district, and gives you a chance to share your valued insight and skills with the community.

Strengthen Community Resources

Strengthening our family, school, and community partnership by sharing and providing resources that contribute to the well being of our community.

Joining Connect with Widefield is both rewarding and vital for our community’s projected growth. Rewarding because we are able to collaborate directly with the changemakers who take good ideas and put them into action. Vital because our self efficacy- the internal belief in your ability to impact a desired effect - is the key that motivates and maintains continuous actions. With your support, we can go far, improving the educational outcome for our children and subsequent generations.

Here are some words from our core team members:

Asia Zanders

Carlos Lopez

Christine Garcia

Lisa Mawson

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Strengthen community resources
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We want you to join us in this effort to make our children’s learning experience more meaningful and to have the lasting effects for our community and beyond.

- The Connect With Widefield Core Committee

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