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Our Story - Our Future

What's Going On?

Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) is considering going to voters in November to ask for help to make critical improvements in our schools and to help attract and retain staff. 
Funds to improve the learning environment for all students
  • Critical repairs are needed at most of our schools

  • Aging buildings across the district (60-70 years old)

  • Upgrades and updates to all facilities needed

Funds to attract and retain high quality staff
  • Staff shortage crisis continues

  • One of the lowest funded districts in the state (171 out of 178)

  • Increasing cost of living in Colorado Springs

Why do We need funds now?
  • Equipment is no longer serviceable 

  • Repeated repairs are no longer efficient

  • Grants do not cover all critical needs

  • Aging facilities impact the appeal of the district and property values

Girl hanging on a yellow bar on the playground at Pinello Elementary
Elementary student hoola hooping during P.E. at Pinello Elementary


Past Asks


In 2017, voters approved a bond and mill levy override to build Grand Mountain School, update high school auditoriums, fund projects for each school, and upgrade and update school buildings, attract and retain quality staff, and support district programs. 

BOND 1996

In 1996, the district was bursting at the seams with new growth. Voters supported the district's need for a new high school, Mesa Ridge High School. The new school helped relieve facility and classroom issues creating a more comfortable and positive learning environment for students. 


 In 2002, a $3.95 million mill levy was passed to attract and retain quality teachers and staff, and to create and expand innovative programs for students.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

  • In 2017-2018, we asked taxpayers for $9.25 a month (per $100,000 of home value) for the $49.5 million bond

  • In 2019, the cost lowered to $8.67

  • In 2020, the cost lowered to $6.46

  • In 2021, the cost lowered to $6.34

  • In 2022, the cost lowered to $4.70

  • In 2023, the cost lowered to $3.32

More Savings

  • BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) grants from the state to support capital projects at our school buildings

  • Refinanced a portion of 2017 bond issue to save taxpayers $2 million

  • Reallocated funds for safety and security: $2 million a year

  • Provided extra resources for student mental health and wellness (post pandemic)

  • Used remaining 2017 bond funds and capital reserves to renovate and expand Webster Elementary

  • Additional building support with math coaches

  • Sustained innovative programs and opportunities for students


Tuesdays with Terry

"Tuesdays with Terry" is a weekly update from our Chief Financial Officer, Terry Kimber, about District finances. If there is a topic you want covered or you have questions, please email kimbert@wsd3.org or call 719-391-3026.

Join WIN!

The Widefield Information Network(WIN) is a citizen's group that helps the District plan for the future. They are educators and advocates of the District. 

  • Learn about the needs across the District (school building conditions, teacher pay, growth, finances)
  • Share ideas and perspectives to help tell our story and educate the community

Join WIN

Community Meetings

March 11, 2024 - The Past, Present, and Future Superintendent Kevin Duren will discuss the current needs of the District.